Jennie May began her pole fitness journey in 2014 when she spontaneously bought a Groupon to Smoke and Mirrors Fitness. Although her first class left her feeling awkward and self-conscious, she kept at it. She was determined to overcome her fears and insecurities. Soon after, she was hooked! She went to every class she could. She loved pole dancing for its athleticism but also for its artistry and self-expression. She discovered that not only did pole dancing make her body strong and agile, it gave her the self-confidence to be comfortable in her own skin, to be proud of who she is and all of her accomplishments. Smoke and Mirrors Fitness became a second home to her. She is so grateful for the wonderful friendships she has made with all of the beautiful people she has met.  

Jenny May received her certification as a group fitness instructor from the American Council on Exercise. As an instructor, she hopes to help students overcome their fears and discover their own inner strength by showing what their bodies are capable of.