Bryony Grace comes from a background in dance and music theatre, with a little bit of gymnastics thrown in there. After high school she spent 3 years studying classical music and musical theatre in Australia where she grew up, before moving to America to continue her studies in performing arts. During this time she discovered aerials, training mostly on static trapeze. After not too long she found herself missing the dance floor under her feet, and that's when she discovered pole. 

Pole is the perfect combination of everything she loves and she was hooked right away. She loves how versatile pole is, there is no 'type' when it comes to pole dancers. You may be flexible with a ballet background, or a super strong cross fitter, or neither but just damn good at dancing on the bar... or in your bedroom. Or perhaps someone who LOVES music and gets really bored in the gym. Pole has a way of welcoming all types and making them blossom. 

Teaching has become such a joy for Bryony Grace, she loves to see students get excited about taking on the next trick or spin or climb or movement. The thrill we all get when we nail that 'thing' we have been trying for ages is one of the best feelings in the world! She believes pole is THE BEST work out, and SMF is her sanctuary and her home away from home.