CiCi (also known as Cathy) took her first pole class in 2012 when a friend invited her to try. It was the most fun I had “working out” in my life! I have completed several marathons and triathlons so I figured how hard can a pole dance class be.... I discovered that it was extremely challenging and I found my new passion. Since then, I have been taking pole dance classes at Smoke and Mirrors Fitness regularly and competed in the Pole Sport Organization’s Pacific Pole Competition in 2016 placing first in my division. Shortly after competing, I tried out an aerial silks class and I fell in love with it instantly. It incorporates everything I love - movement, being in the air, self expression, and strength. As a mother of two girls, I know how important it is to be active and healthy and I love that aerial arts is available to children. I began teaching to share with all students that one does not need a background in dance or gymnastics or acrobatics to do aerial arts. All you need is the desire to try and commitment to continue. Pole and aerial arts have given me self confidence and strength I never thought I had. I hope I can share the joy of aerial with those around me.