April took her first pole dance class in 2011 simply hoping to find a fun and new way to work out. With no dance experience or athletic background, she found the first class extremely intimidating. After a few classes her passion for the freedom of expression as well as the confidence and strength that pole dancing brings began to grow exponentially.

As a Registered Nurse, she knows the importance of maintaining one's health and considers herself lucky to have found a sport that enables her to do so and release her inner dancer. It was only in her wildest dreams that she imagined herself attending a teacher certification program, instructing and performing. April is committed to making sure that every student has fun, feels confident, accomplished, and gets an awesome sexy workout. She supplements her pole training with the aerial art of tissu/silks, lyra/hoop, yoga and pilates.To date she has placed four times in Pole Sport Organization competitions and looks forward to growing even more so as a performer and competitor. Smoke and Mirrors Fitness immediately felt like a home away from home and she is excited to share the same warm welcome with other students.